Banyan Tree Company’s Reasons for Success

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The main feature of the success of Banyan Tree was the emphasis on branding. The company provides the unique opportunity of comfortable, luxurious intimate relaxation, combined with preserving the natural and social environment. These features allow guests to feel closer to nature and an environmentally friendly lifestyle while enjoying quality personal service and spa facilities.

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Banyan Tree’s positioning and communication strategies are most relevant and effective for the company. The organization offers couples a romantic and intimate getaway from the worries and busy cities that many people need today. At the same time, the company mainly uses public relations and advertising on its website and social networks, targeting a narrow segment of the market. These approaches are the most appropriate, since the promotion of a company in the media increases the brand’s value and reduces the cost of non-targeted advertising. Thus, Banyan Tree’s will be able to maintain its positioning due to a developed network of hotels and spa-centers, a recognizable brand, and accurate targeting that attracts customers from a narrow but profitable market segment.

These companies and branches of Banyan Tree’s fit as a family as they share the same standards of service and the goal of providing guests with a uniquely intimate experience combined with a beautiful environment. The recommendation is to maintain these standards and expand the range of services for different visitor categories, from adventure fans to lovers of comfortable spa relaxation.

The company’s social responsibility significantly improves its image and attracts the attention of the press and clients. Social and environmental initiatives for sustainable business conduct draw media influence, which brings the company visibility and loyalty from the authorities and public. This fact also attracts guests, which makes the company profit.

The main problems of Banyan Tree’s can be the higher cost of land and real estate in Europe and America, the bureaucratic aspects of their acquisition. In the Middle East, problems can be caused by religious influences. However, the first problem can be solved by building hotels in cheaper and more popular holiday destinations for Americans or Europeans, such as Mexico and Greece. The second problem can be solved by creating individual services and conditions corresponding to the characteristics of religions. For example, female workers training to serve women, creating prayer rooms, or providing a specially designed menu.