Legal Seafood Company’s Mission, Culture and Philosophy

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Background and Services

Legal Sea Foods is a series of casual seafood restaurants in the United States. George Berkowitz, the company’s founder, launched Cambridge, Massachusetts’ first Legal Cash Market grocery store in 1950 and the market’s first restaurant in 1968, next door to it (Legal Sea Foods, 2021). Legal Sea Foods has been in business for a long time. It was set up in 1950, which is a long time ago. Johnson & Wales University alums are in high demand at this well-established business, with 18.3% of the company’s workforce having graduated from the prestigious university.

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A modest but ambitious demand for operational excellence across our company, to be a precedent-setting in our responsibilities to sustainable fishing, the seafood industry, the environment, and the communities in which we do business.


The legalization of marijuana is a cultural phenomenon in and of itself, and it has nothing to do with politics or the battle of the marijuana legalization campaign. It’s fair game for advertising, just like any other cultural phenomenon, mainly if your restaurant’s name is Legal, which is a given. In 2016, the state of Massachusetts legalized recreational marijuana usage and approved retail sales via authorized dealers (FSR magazine, 2021). The usage of marijuana spans generations, from baby boomers, many of whom are relieved that it is now legal, to younger people, who are incorporating it into their lifestyles in various forms. It follows in the footsteps of the brand’s silly, attention-grabbing comedic style, and this work follows in the same vein.


However significant the factory becomes; it will be able to provide the company’s seafood demands. It would just take a shift in strategy, beginning with the need to review and reevaluate operations before moving forward thoroughly.

  1. There’s a gold card program for managers, which allows them to take their families out for a monthly dinner.
  2. Employees are provided with pension benefits at the time of retirement.
  3. Legal Sea Foods, Inc offer defined contribution pension plans.
  1. Inhumane conditions of employment.
  2. Low salaries.

Special Training and Management Programs

The team at PPX has worked carefully with Legal Sea Foods to acquire and run all restaurant concepts under the Legal Sea Foods label, including the Legal Sea Foods outlet at the San Francisco International Airport. Also on the agenda is a visit to the restaurants and the QCC and meetings with key management to arrange a smooth transition from a people-first approach in collaboration with local suppliers and landlords (Coley, 2020). Active Legal Sea Foods workers have been asked to continue as team members, collaborating with PPX to carry on the heritage of Legal Sea Foods into the future. When fully operating, PPX expects to employ 3,000 people across all three businesses.


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