The Use of Software by Organizations

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Organizational Benefits of Software in Human Resources

The rapid development of technological solutions implies their extensive use by present-day organizations. This tendency seems to be quite positive from the perspective of its outcome for different areas. Thus, for example, in relation to human resources, the adoption of new programs by specialists results in the influence on companies’ culture and their employees’ overall well-being (Rimon, 2017). Therefore, the so-called digital transformation implies numerous benefits for the enterprises willing to make contributions to this process (Rimon, 2017). This situation leads to the continuous emergence of software intended specifically for various objectives, and the popular solutions in the area under consideration are the products of SAP and BambooHR.

Software Solutions in Human Resources

The suggested programs for human resources are SAP Qualtrics Employee Engagement and BambooHR which provide particular benefits for employees. The former helps managers gain a better understanding of processes in their organizations through conducting surveys among workers (“Employee experience engagement,” n.d.). The latter, in turn, facilitates the process of report creating which increases the precision of subsequent analysis when combined with the software (“HR reporting and analytics,” n.d.). Therefore, it can be concluded that the mentioned features provided by these solutions have a positive impact on the business needs related to processing information from different departments and receiving timely feedback from employees.

The Impact of the Selected Software

Considering the above, the use of the selected software leads to the improvement of all organizational procedures related to data. Moreover, they increase the efficiency of communication between workers at all levels and allow saving expenses for manual gathering and analyzing the outcomes of companies’ activity. In this way, the proposed solutions combine all of the necessary features essential for further business development by delegating tasks to automatic systems, thereby promoting the creativity of people’s work.


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