Things to Learn from eBay Success

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The well-known eBay success story has become a cherished dream for many aspiring entrepreneurs. Many economists have also become interested in the eBay case. They have begun to conduct multiple studies on why this particular e-business model has succeeded so much and what roles e-business categories have played in this (Baltzan & Phillips, 2019). One thing is certain the right choice of Business-2-customer (B2C) and Customer-2-customer (C2C) models have significantly boosted Pierre Omidyar’s enterprise into becoming an e-commerce giant. eBay’s success has shown that the e-business category is an important, if not a predominant, aspect of business growth that entrepreneurs should consider when planning their electronic enterprises’ growth.

E-Business Categories and Growth Planning

When setting up a C2C commercial website, one should expect a large influx of audience. In a short period, the eBay auction attracted an incredible number of Americans (Baltzan & Phillips, 2019). Some wanted to sell the things they did not need and improve their financial situation, while others wanted to buy necessary items for a lower price (Baltzan & Phillips, 2019). Therefore, the entrepreneur must be ready not only to receive large profits but also to expand technical capacities such as servers to maintain the customers’ online interactions constantly. It is also worth noting that C2C safeguards online platforms from fraudsters and scammers, which boosts the reputation of e-business and further increase its growth (Baltzan & Phillips, 2019). When operating the B2C model, a businessperson can be sure that there will be a constant profit as well as several cooperation options with other enterprises. An entrepreneur leading a Customer-2-Business must be ready and have the necessary skills to open subsidiary ventures.


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