Wal-Mart Company Is the Future of America?


This paper analyzes the whether Wal-Mart company is the future of America or not, whether the products of America will still be made overseas or in China and finally it gives a view of what Walmart Company says about the future of America.


Walmart is not the future of America from the movie since the establishment of Walmart as a company has had a negative impact on the American people. To begin with Walmart has been on the forefront of taking advantage of opportunistic technologies in order for them to save money on labour costs through developments of incredibly inefficient transactions methods. This has enabled the company to grow tremendously large which in turn has caused numerous businesses comprising of the manufacturer’s category out of business as the company imports goods from foreign countries (Charles 2006). This has caused many Americans who were working in these manufacturing firms to become jobless which is a great blow to the American economy since these companies also contributed to the growth of the economy. Though Walmart contributes to the American economy its impact on the economy is negative because it has caused closure of other important businesses which can contribute to economic development apart the company’s contributions (Charles 2006).

Though the Walmart Company is able to rally the markets, the way it does its operations is extremely improper since it misuses its employees for it to achieve its own maximum goals. Furthermore the company takes away the benefits for its employees and dumps them to the shareholders value. With the increase in dominance Walmart has been left as the only employer since it has taken over all the small businesses making them to close down (Charles 2006). Being the only employer in town Walmart has made the living standards of the people to fall since benefits are slim but the bills are high this situation has led to differences in classes whereas rich get richer the poor get poorer through its growing income dispersion across the nation. As a result of this dramatic change in the balance of power in the world of business retailers have become more powerful than manufacturers which has forced a decision of moving production offshore. Walmart undercutting prices to offer goods to consumers at lower prices has a great impact on the workers who are struggling to live a decent life (Dennis 2006).

Why America’s products will be made in China

Since Walmart has a close relationship with China it implies that American products will continue to be made in China and overseas in general because already there exists a joint venture between America and China which was signed in 1990. With China being the largest exporter to the United States economy in almost all the consumer goods it immediately implies that all the products will be made in China considering that the establishment of Walmart company in America led to collapse of all the manufacturing companies in America which could manufacture these products that are manufactured in China( Dennis 2006). Walmart Company being the only company it argues that it depends on the products from around the globe in order to offer the best prices to its consumers. Furthermore the inception of Walmart has made a mass of global retailers more powerful than manufacturer since Walmart is the leading retailer in America (Des 2007).

What Walmart Company says about the future of America

Walmart as company promises a promising future to America through its large contributions to the economy. It is has initiated development programs that will address the issues of health care being the largest company Walmart has undertaken obligations to ensure that the future economic situation has been developed by serving the society better. Furthermore Walmart as company has plans to provide insurance to the uninsured workers through its expansion of coverage and controlling costs through the development of management care programs which will improve the quality and standards of people (Des 2006).


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