Walt Disney Company: Training Program for Employees

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Introducing training opportunities for staff members is a particularly important step in improving the human resource management (HRM) technique since it encourages employees to embrace the importance of change and step on the path to continuous, lifelong improvement. For the Walt Disney Company, which has been the global leader in the animation industry, the need to update its training programs is vital since it allows the organization to retain its competitive advantage, namely, its highly motivated and incredibly skilled employees. Therefore, in order to continue the streak of success that Disney has been enjoying since its 90s renaissance, the company must implement the training program that will keep its staff members aware of the latest technological advances in animation while promoting self-directed learning.

In order to accomplish the specified goal, a combination of e-learning tools, hands-on training, and instructor-led training will be utilized. Specifically, students will be able to perform the key tasks with the following evaluation and the revision of their work. Providing feedback to students will be crucial since it will allow them to identify their personal problems in handling the tasks, thus charting a personal development plan that each of them will follow individually. Furthermore, to meet the needs of the learners, particularly, culture-specific ones, the tasks will include integrating their personal experiences and perspectives into the completion of the assignments (Akunda et al. 11). Therefore, developing a communication channel built on the premise of cultural competence and cross-cultural communication to encourage a better understanding of its students’ needs should become the priority for Disney presently. As a result, the organization will be able to implement an effective HRM strategy by increasing the value of its human resources.

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