What Is an Augmented Product? What Purpose Does It Serve?

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It is important to note that there are three levels of a product, which are defined by its role or purpose and intrinsic characteristic value. These levels are categorized as core product, actual product, and augmented or modified product. Core product is an idea, actual product is the one on sale, and altered product is modified version.


When creating a product, the developer needs to perceive the idea at three levels, and the first level is the idea of ​​the product or core product. At this level, it is still not so much about a real item or service, but about those needs that a future product must satisfy. For example, cosmetics are conceived as a means to make a person look beautiful, a drill – as a means of producing perforation. The next level is the actual product or service in real execution and at this level they should have some characteristics. The latter includes a set of necessary properties, quality level, specific design, brand name and specific packaging. For example, lipstick, drills are products in real execution.

The final level is reinforced type, which is called as modified or reinforced product. This is the product itself with additional services and benefits attached to it, which together constitute reinforcement. This can be attracting personal attention to customers, home delivery, and a money back guarantee. The idea of ​​reinforcing the product makes the marketer look at the customer’s current consumption system as a whole, and how the buyer of the product comprehensively approaches the problem that he is trying to solve through the use of the product. With this approach, it is possible to identify and apply the most effective from the point of view of competition ways to reinforce their product offer.