Why US Companies Should Hire South African Talent

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Evidently, each company selects candidates based on their skills and knowledge while also considering how a person will fit into the environment and culture of this business. With the recent focus on diversity in organizations, one can argue that US companies should consider hiring people from other states to ensure that this talent brings a new perspective on the issues. This essay will discuss why a US company should hire talent from South Africa.

Firstly, South Africans’ native language is English, while the natives of this state also speak one of the 11 official languages. Hence, the South African talent can communicate fluently in English, which eliminates the language barrier between the overseas employees and the US locals. Secondly, the language is part of the South African heritage and the state’s connection with the British Empire, which implies that the culture of this country is similar to that in the United States. Again, this minimizes the differences between the South Africans and the locals, which will make the cooperation between the foreign talent and the US employees easier.

Finally, although the South Africans understand the culture of the people in the United States, they bring a new perspective because these individuals also grew up in their indigenous culture. Hence, they can help US companies create diversity with their human resources. In summary, this essay addresses the US-based companies should hire talent from South Africa. This practice of acquiring talent from a foreign state helps companies create diversity. Also, these individuals understand the US culture and speak English fluently. Still being South African, one can offer a new perspective and opinion on the issues that this business faces.