Wobbly Wheels Distribution Company’s Analysis

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Wobbly Wheels Distribution Company (WW) is a transport and distribution company that aims at increasing current revenue through incorporation of the IT organization. This paper discusses part one of ITSP development that involves description of the business, current economic climate, and financial goals. In addition, the paper discusses the business strategic objectives, and inventory of the current IT projects.

Business Statement

Wobbly Wheels (WW) is a transportation and distribution company in which its headquarters are based in Wilmington, Delaware. The company has six branches located in Mid-Atlantic region (Wobbly Wheels, 2014). The current initiative of introducing chief information officer (CIO) in the management team, aims at increasing the current revenue to a profitable level (Lane, 2011). The increase of revenue will emerge from the development of an information technology strategic plan (ITSP).

Business Strategic Objectives

The first strategic objective is to provide warehousing services for their customers in order to reduce the delivery time and also avail the products locally (Davenport & Short, 2003). The second objective is to improve the percentage of loaded miles in the fleet. The strategy will reduce the cost of delivering freight and will facilitate pickup at the same time in the same geographic area. Third, the WW Company wants to integrate a tracking system on freights at terminal and on the trucks (Lane, 2011). The strategy will improve the reliability and accuracy of delivery dates and times of freights. Additionally, the management will want to provide financial audit and reports to all the members of the management team in order to align the estimated financial cost of running the business (Davenport & Short, 2003).

IT Vision and Mission Statement

Vision: WW Company aims at providing affordable warehousing facilities to the customers and development of mobile-enabled applications that will give access to up to date information on the company services.

Mission: Wobbly Wheels distribution Company is a renowned transport and distribution company highly dedicated to providing timely freights to the customers in the Mid-Atlantic region. The customers can access real-time fleet information and track the goods during transportation (Wobbly Wheels, 2014).


The IT governance process will be presided over by the Chief Information Officer (CIO). The major stakeholders in the IT governance process are the president, vice president of operations, chief financial officer (CFO), Sales Manager and Fleet Manager (Lane, 2011). The president of the company will be the overseer of the company and will be assisted by the vice president (Wobbly Wheels, 2014).

The CFO has the mandate of keeping all the financial records (Davenport & Short, 2003). The sales manager presents the breakdown of different sales within the financial year (Davenport & Short, 2003). The fleet manager gives all the statements on the state and performance of the fleet. The IT project prioritizes the recent technology and balances on the available funds (Lane, 2011).

Inventory of Current IT Projects

WW Company is developing the following projects: Advanced mobile applications for marketing, accurate financial reports, and advanced management reporting system (Wobbly Wheels, 2014).

Current System Function/Description Strategic Goal aligned to Business unit/department Business Benefits IT Resources (people, equipment)
Finance and accounts It keeps the records of all financial statements of the company Continuous checking on the financials Finance It helps the management identify the company’s financial position. Accounts software.
Mobile sales application The application informs the customers of the current position of the company. The app assists in easy access of the business services. IT The app helps in increasing the profits of the business. Telecommunication satellites and internet
Management Management provides the current financial information. The management identifies the company’s strengths and weaknesses Administration Management helps in maintaining the business in the competitive position. Management software


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