“Papa John” Company Executive Summary

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Papa John serves several markets in the United States that they reach mostly through their ordering page. Online ordering has led to increased sales and new customers. The Company serves fresh ingredients in its products, including frozen dough, pizza sauce, and tomatoes. The company has continued to add products to its catalog to attract many customers. The most recently launched product was the Donut Holes, and they became the first national pizza brand in the United States. In consultation with the company directors, the Company keeps an eye on their branding, which has kept their customers interested in their products.

Papa John uses direct distribution channels and direct marketing. The eleven control centers coordinate the transportation to their retail outlets. A dew development of a tractor-trailer is being considered for faster delivery. The logistics success is attributed to the employees’ sense of ownership and partnerships with stakeholders. The collaboration between Papa John and trackers has seen drivers trained on the importance of trafficking. Papa John requires all the suppliers to abide by the signed agreements and ensure the customers have a clean record of business transacted. Papa John has invested in advertisements through media to advertise their products, and these include different Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and television media.

Various campaigns tackling social and economic issues have been used to help society at large. Public stunts and product placing have also been adopted as an advertising campaign leading to increased sales. The Company considers bundled pricing and timely discounts that attract many customers. Old even pricing, where the prices are of old numbers, forms a psychological pricing method that Papa John has also adapted.