An Airline’s Internal and External Audit

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In the context of the airline, internal audit refers to the careful assessment of the ability of the airline to expand to the new routes to the Middle East. This entails the careful examination of the resources at the disposal of the airline so as to establish whether they can support the new intended undertaking. The resources that will need to be audited include the aircrafts, the pilots and the other crew members. Another major idea in internal audit is that it will have to be carried out by the auditors of the airline as opposed to outside auditors.

External audit on the other hand refers to the act of allowing auditors from outside to come to the airline to carry out a careful study of its resources so as to determine whether it is in a position to pursue business in the new routes. The main reason as to why most organizations seek an outsider’s opinion is that it assists in balancing the insider opinion which can be biased. The outsider opinion is usually more objective and direct.

Concerning marketing tools available to the airline, the top marketing tool that the airline may consider is the usage of a website. In the website the airline can give all the information concerning the intended undertaking in terms of covering new routes to Middle East. Then there is the usage of leaflets which can be given to passengers who use the airline as well as the buying of space in both print and electronic media such as television and radio.