Apple Case Study: Advancement of Technology

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How Apple can capitalize on the needs of the business world for a safer, virus-free, worm-free system

Apple is one of the leading companies in this sector and the mission of the company is to create and conserve the resources of the World. The company looks forward to the safety of all its employees and the customers, and also helps in the causes of Global Communities. One of the very important structures of Apple is that the technological innovations of the company is totally focused on creating virus free and worm free systems to ensure maximum protection.

Should Apple enter the consumer electronics business like Dell and Gateway?

Apple is one of the biggest giant in Electronics sector and they are really leaders in their sector. Macintosh computers and recently launched products like iPod, iPhone and iPad are their most popular brands. The other companies deal with all the aspects relating to computer but the specialty of Apple is limited in these cases. So it is preferable that they should not venture in these avenues. They must go on to upgrade their products and not to get involved with the other giants in the sector.

Should Apple remain a lone wolf in operating systems or adopt a cross-platform format compatible with Windows and Intel?

As we have discussed in earlier cases, here we also believe that it is not a good time for Apple to venture into new businesses. The most important aspect of business is recent times is the brand value. We can say that Apple has a brand name but the brand name is for a different type of electronically-enhanced devices. In the market there are a number of big players who produce operating systems like Windows. They are established brands and they control the market. If Apple has to launch the operating systems they will have to start from the very beginning and they will also do not have the guarantee that they will be winners in the market. In this economical slowdown, it is not worthy the risk. So they should stay in the business they are in.

How much emphasis should Apple place on developing the next generation of voice recognition computers?

One of the most sought after technologies in future will be the voice recognition computers. The computers will offer more security and other facilities in all the cases. A number of companies are researching on this project and Apple should concentrate on that field. Apple is recently one of the most profitable companies financially and also in this economically slow market they are making progress. So there will be no dearth of funds in this case and it will give the company a huge boost in their market value.