SCORE Network as Helpful Resource for Mentorship

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Name and Contact Information

SCORE is considered the biggest U.S. network of business mentors. Nowadays, its mentorship is available at their website

The Purpose for Using SCORE

With their mission to encourage small businesses through education and mentoring, SCORE serves as a useful medium between business people and a vast database. Using SCORE, people can get free access to a business mentor for support and advice (Beckman, 2021; Henderson, 2018). SCORE also offers various online workshops on business strategies, finance, and marketing for free. Their webinars are recorded, so it is possible to view their online learning at your own pace. In addition to webinars, any business owner can utilize the SCORE collection of guides, videos, infographics, blogs, etc. While searching for helpful sources, everyone can choose their preferences, business stage, industry, or entrepreneur type. I needed their help because I was interested in the sale of Digital Arts products. I used their library to expand my knowledge about the industry of arts. For example, SCORE provides an action plan for entertainment, arts & culture businesses, and a real experience-based story of how a hobbyist became a successful business owner.

The Benefits of Using SCORE

The SCORE action plan helped me know about the peculiarities of being an entrepreneur in art. The sale of digital art could be performed online, so I found it especially convenient in the COVID-19 period. Still, I needed online tools to build my future brand, sell the products, and effectively communicate with clients. For example, they suggested creating a website, utilizing e-mails and social channels, working with the Google My Business profile and provided a range of tips to stay in contact and adapt to every emerging situation (SCORE, 2020). In addition, I read about Irwin Myers’ experience of turning a hobby into a business (Weston, 2019). He used the opportunities provided by SCORE to run his own company. I could apply Myers’ findings in my digital art business entrepreneurship because our business is alike in some way.

My Recommendations

I visited SCORE to read majorly about the arts entrepreneurship, but the range of their materials is tremendous. For example, searching for advice on digital business, I found information about recent trends and changes in consumer conduct, instructions for a non-technical person, and so on. Therefore, I keep coming back and recommend SCORE to everyone who strives to get up-to-date knowledge on entrepreneurship because it is a treasure-trove of expert’s blogs and articles and a valuable tool to find a mentor.


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