Restaurant Training: Country Cooking Program

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The video includes many helpful features for new servers to help them understand their duties. It highlights what attitude to adopt to make the customers comfortable (“Restaurant Training” 00:01:30-00:01:50). The video emphasizes the importance of following the restaurant’s dress code and having a clean appearance along with a smile (“Restaurant Training” 00:02:51-00:02:30). The piece teaches how to handle first-timers and explains “the server sequence” (“Restaurant Training” 00:02:55-00:04:40). It also provides other tips on improving customer experiences, such as drink refilling, pre-bussing, and immediate serving. Moreover, the video includes potential difficult situations, from accidental spills to credit card decline, and explains how to approach them. Additionally, it teaches the importance of cooperation, which influences the overall atmosphere and ensures that the establishment is well-managed (“Restaurant Training” 00:07:25-00:08:55). Altogether, the video covers most of the job’s essential aspects and equips a person with knowledge of what to do.

In a training program, the video can serve as theoretical guidance, the first step. Afterward, the most prominent aspects (dress code, the server sequence, and difficult situations) will be recreated with other employees posing as customers. A person will have to dramatize the entire process, from greetings to saying goodbye at a cash register. Other servers, either as customers or colleagues, will simulate challenging situations, not necessarily the ones from the video. Initially, a trainee should be able to pass individual stages, after each of which a senior employee will provide feedback. During this part, re-watching the video is possible for self-evaluation. Then, they will have to re-enact the whole process without interruptions, which also be followed by an assessment. A failure will result in a more intensive course where other visual and verbal tips will accompany the video. However, if a person succeeds, they are prepared for a gradual transition into real servers.

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