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In today’s realities, build your dreams’ (BYD) strategic business level is not sophisticated enough. The main emphasis was put on the past few years when one of the most successful investors, Warren Buffett, began “backing” the company by owning a portion of its shares. A large-capitalized company with nearly 113 billion in market capitalization, BYD mainly focuses on the electronic vehicles market by building and integrating mid-sized sedans targeted at the common Chinese citizen.

When it comes to the corporate level, the company has a positive ranking among investors mainly due to Warren Buffett’s reputation and the competitive products developed by the company in the past few years. While Chinese NIO is the main competitor and develops European and American markets’ integration, BYD actively demonstrates new approaches to gain the biggest share of the internal country’s market. For instance, the company provided a tactical alliance with Levo to develop the electric vehicle (EV) possibilities and begin the partial expansion of the U.S. automobile market (Businesswire). On the other hand, though BYD interacts with international companies and partially enters overseas markets, it still depends on governmental subsidies, so the political situation has a significant influence on BYD’s corporate development (Alagh). Last but not least, the company’s international strategy might be partially directed through its main individual influencer: Warren Buffett. However, this factor might only enforce the authority and credibility of BYD’s brand in international markets. The internationally targeted product line mainly contains the development of cutting-edge products for the average non-electric automobile customer since the company plans to offer the complete set of products to satisfy the demand: power station, the resource of electricity, and the electric vehicle itself. As a result, by providing the ecosystem type of service, the company lays the foundation of a long-term relationship with the customer, which is the most perspective type of strategic business development. While many EV companies serve the client with vehicles and batteries only, BYD builds a more profound level of business integrity and diversifies its product line at the same time.

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