Buyer Behavior: Encouraging Product Demand

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The buyer behaviour topic which is relevant to helping marketing managers to encourage demand for the product is the learning theory. And as we know that all complex behaviour is learned. Learning occurs all the time, and it occurs due to an individual’s past experiences. We can see the changes taking place but not learning itself, the concept is based theoretically, but it is not directly observable.

Learning theory teaches the marketers that they can create and develop the demand for a product just by linking it with very strong drives, using cues but based on motivation and providing reinforcement that is positive and has nothing to do with any negative reinforcement. For example, a new company can either enter the market by appealing to the same drives that the competitors use and provide it similar cues for configuration why because buyers are more likely to transfer or shift their loyalty to similar brands than to dissimilar brands, i.e., generalisation. Or the company might be able to design its own product or brand which has an appeal to a very different set of drives and offer strong cue inducements to switch, i.e., discrimination.

Companies that are in the business of producing and manufacturing can take advantage of consumer’s ability to discriminate and use it as a tool to gain a competitive edge over their competitors. Plus, this will help the companies to get to know their customers and their taste and preferences, and the company will be able to deliver just that so that they remain loyal to the company no matter what.