Zingara Cucina “Foodies” Club’s Consumer Motivation

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A person has needs at any given time. These needs can be biological (thirst or hunger) and psychological (recognition, esteem or belonging). As we know, a need becomes a motive when it is aroused at a level of intensity, and the drive is a need, which is very important in pressing the individual to seek satisfaction.

The consumer theory which will be the most applicable in this situation would be the Motivation theory why because motivation is a process that uses intensity, persistence and direction of an individual to attain a goal. The people who are going to seek out an association with and dine at Zingara Cucina “foodies” club would be those individuals looking for the self-actualisation stage, that they have gone through and completed all the other four stages from Maslow’s theory of motivation (which are the psychological needs (food, clothes, or water), safety need (security or shelter), social needs (love, or friendship), and esteem needs (status, lifestyle, or recognition). As we know, Zingara Cucina “foodies” club is a high-profile restaurant, which is not open to anyone, the individuals who are going to dine there or are going to associate themselves with it need to have a certain drive (or you can say oomph) for it because their interests might come from a strong need for more esteem from others or even from a higher need for self – actualisation.

And when an individual is motivated, then they are ready to act. And the individual’s action is influenced by the perception of the situation and, in this case, by associating themselves with the Zingara Cucina “foodies” club.