Mobile Tech Marketing for Generation Z Buyers

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The marketing manager of mobile tech (a mobile phone “add-ons” company) needs to know that the people of generation ‘Z’ are not very good listeners and they lack the very essence of interpersonal skills. But all forms of technology, whether it is the internet or mobile technology, are like second nature to them, and they are quite influential people (i.e., easily influenced with the right marketing program. The people of this generation are very easily influenced by the media, and the manager of mobile tech can use this knowledge as a weapon for selling its products. The victims of the media are mostly young adults. In the past 50 years, the influence of the media has been increasing at a very rapid pace. This is all because of the advancement of technology. As we know that our society is only dependent on information and communication, we need both so that we are able to move forward but in the right direction. We also need information and communication so that we are able to conduct our daily activities, for example, work, receive education, have personal relationships, travel and another thing etc. and this is all made possible with the help of media.

For example, this is how much media influences an individual’s life, from waking up to going to work, meet friends and family. The person checks the newspaper or hears the news on the radio or views it on TV to make their financial decisions, what to wear or what to eat or even what to buy. What the company can do is use the influence of media and can advertise its products on a continuous basis. This will help the people to become aware of their product. The continuous advertisement of mobile tech will persuade the individual slowly and gradually to purchase the company’s product and remain loyal to it as well if they keep on seeing it, they will remember it, and when they go out to buy a cell phone, they will automatically buy mobile tech’s product.