Typical Canadian Advisor’s Portrait

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The personality of a typical 40-50-year-old Canadian advisor is of a person brimming with confidence and self-esteem, who has no difficulty in adapting himself to a new and strange environment away from his native country. He possesses tremendous self-confidence that he would do well in his overseas assignment since he already possesses global knowledge, expertise and skillsets. He believes in the practice of sound human relationships and the technique of people working willingly for him, without complaints.

He believes that he has strong interpersonal communication skills, which would stand him in good stead during his tenure in his present workplace, and he would be able to help achieve the company’s goals and objectives in this project.

The learning that should be taking place in the training of local personnel and skill transfer. This could also be in terms of technological advancement in the country where he is presently assigned and the development of the local economy. With a positive personality, it is quite possible that he would be able to overcome the language and culture barriers and get productive outputs from the workforce. However, he needs to learn the local language and also try to understand cultural moorings that underpin work ethos in this country. Besides, he needs to be more sociable and interactive with the local workforce population.

While it is quite possible that he may be able to rightly define and localise the criteria of success in the development context, he needs to show through work and positive conduct. It is often found that a man’s words and deeds may be contradictory, and this may also be true in the case of the Canadian Advisor. This aspect of his personality could affect the learning process. One’s self-image and opinion about oneself may not be consistent with others’ view of the person, and this could adversely reflect upon the learning process.