Democratic Style of Leadership and Its Benefits

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As the president of the company, I would like to introduce and elaborate on the democratic style of leadership. Essentially, it is an open leadership style that works to include all group members within a decision-making process. As such, it creates motivation and incentive among employees as their superiors value their input. They can do this by sharing their opinion and participating in the conversation. However, it is also the role of the managers and department leaders to create a workplace environment in which employees can express themselves. Other roles of a democratic leader include helping employees set goals, evaluate their performance, and formulate strategies for them to improve their growth. Such a leadership style has many benefits within our workplace, with its primary focus being on involving employees and maintaining their motivation in their work.

While as the manager, I have the ability to recognize that certain leadership styles are more beneficial to workplace motivation than those I currently implement, the transition from one to another is often difficult and time-consuming. However, a few steps exist which should be considered and taken when attempting to switch leadership styles within a working setting. First, it is important to detect the need for change, which was the lack of employee motivation as a result of transactional leadership in this case. Second, a flexible mindset must be acquired in order to adapt to the needs of the current workforce and create room for stable change (Sayyadi, 2020). Third, the manager should choose the new leadership style, which would likely be the democratic leadership style as proposed by the president. Fourth, a steady adoption of the new behaviors and guidelines that are associated with the leadership style should occur.


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