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The success of an organization depends on the management of the organization. Several factors are affecting the management of an organization to be successful. Some of these are described below. A healthy environment depends on the manager. Employee satisfaction and work performance depend on it.

A healthy environment increases outputs and the quality of service provided. So, management has a great role in implementing the procedures to keep a healthy and congenial environment. Managing in a global environment helps organizations to compete globally and to take advantage of diversity. The social and ethical responsibility of management keeps the firm from a broken image. This helps to increase customer awareness and loyalty. This trust and faith in the company increase the output and employee satisfaction by assisting in building up a congenial environment.

Management decision-making assists the firm in measuring sustainability in the competitive environment and removes the problems of any untoward situations that originated certainly. So, decision-making power and quality of decision help management to climb to the peak of the success of the organization. The right decision at the right time creates lifetime advantages. Picking up the effective decision or currently not effective, but in the long run, it is useful. The proper, sustainable planning process and decision assist the organization in implementing the objective taken by the board.

The planning process contains several steps, and the three levels of management are directly involved. So, management should measure the level of responsibility to be assigned at each level. Successfully implementation with proper care and skill boosts up the work performance and sustainability. Managing people in the organization is totally controlled by the management body, and this is done by using motivation, workgroups, leading, communication, negotiation, and innovation. Success depends on managing the people properly.