YT Ltd’s Functions for Improving Levels of Staff Retention

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Improving the level of staff retention is one of the most important functions of YT’s business because failing to retain employees in the firm could increase its overheads, as employee replacement is a more costly affair compared to retaining existing ones. YT’s human resource function is responsible for realizing this outcome because it is responsible for making sure employee welfare is protected. This department undertakes a wide range of activities related to this function, including ensuring that the company performs best practices to retain existing staff. At the same time, the company’s human resource department has a duty to ensure that it employs the best employment and staff retention strategies to enhance resourcing requirements.

An important function of YT’s human resource department that should be responsible for improving the levels of staff retention is recruitment. In this context, it is essential for the company to employ the right strategies to find the correct group of employees who are fit for the organization. Failing to do so would mean that the company recruits employees who do not have the right skill sets or desire to work for the organization. Therefore, it is HR’s role to draw up a list of the right specification and requirements for recruiting employees who will be a right fit for the company. This way, they will attract the right workers who would be happy to work in the organization, thereby improving staff retention levels.

Additionally, YT’s function to train employees is also another tool that could be used to improve staff retention levels. The firm’s human resource department has a role in making sure that employees understand what is expected of them through promoting training and development programs that will empower employees to perform well and feel accepted in the firm. For most organizations, it is a regulatory requirement to train all staff and make them aware of what is expected of them vis-à-vis their skills and organizational goals. Training and development would ensure that these skills match organizational expectations, thereby reducing the possibility of friction that may occur when both do not align. Therefore, training and development is one HR function that YT has to focus on to improve staff retention levels.