Introducing a New Social Media Policy in a Company

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A new social media policy and acknowledgment is an event that needs to be appropriately delegated to employees. For the most effective familiarization of team members with the new requirements, the manager needs to follow a series of steps that will help him to communicate correctly with employees. First of all, it is necessary to conduct strategic planning that will assist the manager in achieving the goal (Lussier). The mission statement is necessary to explain to all employees with whom communication will be conducted what a new policy and acknowledgment are and why they are necessary. Thus, the first step in preparing for a department rally will be to articulate the value of the new policy for the company and its advantages over the previous order.

At this stage, the manager needs to think about which style will be the most appropriate and how to build communication at the meeting. In this situation, the most appropriate option is an autocratic style, since following new professionalism and standard practices implies performing a specific task. While this style is less associated with relationship building, effective communication needs to be developed as well (Lussier). Employees need to be provided with extensive background information as well as many details about the new policy (“How to Develop and Implement,” n. d.). At this stage, a problem may arise with possible questions from employees; for this, the manager needs to prepare in advance for possible comments. In this situation, it is also important to adhere to the agenda and structure of the meeting to avoid discussing irrelevant information (McDade, 2020). It is necessary to ensure that the new policy is available for review by all employees. Thus, it is necessary to think in advance about the methods of dissemination of information and how it will be signed.

Directly at the meeting, communication is a key aspect of effectively presenting a new policy. It is necessary to present information in a form accessible to all employees, using not only formal terms but also informal explanations. This combination will allow both to illustrate the competence of the manager and to attract employees to him or her. Additionally, the manager needs to monitor the professionalism of communication of all meeting participants. In particular, it is necessary to monitor the exchange of views, which may become overly passionate, and moderate this aspect (McDade, 2020). It is also necessary to pay attention to non-verbal communication, within which body language should show the manager’s confidence and openness (Lussier). The organizational structure of the rally also plays a key role in the success of the presentation of the new policy.

The manager needs to make sure that the start time of the meeting is known to all participants and that the structure of the presentation is planned. Additionally, attendance at the meeting should be mandatory, as the presentation of the new policy is an important aspect, and the manager needs to make sure that all participants are informed. While adherence to the new standards and rules is not subject to discussion, it is also necessary to allow all participants to express their views and ask the necessary questions. However, these activities also need to be limited in time, which should be monitored by the manager. Therefore, the necessary components include:

  1. Planning of meeting content;
  2. Scheduling of parts of the meeting, taking into account the presentation and discussion;
  3. Ensuring that all participants are aware of the meeting and participate in it;
  4. Autocratic style management, as new standards, must be respected by all employees;
  5. A combination of formal communication (to illustrate competence) and informal (to build relationships);
  6. The rationale for the need for a new policy and the benefits of its implementation;
  7. Attention to body language;
  8. Maintaining a professional meeting atmosphere.


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