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A value proposition is an offer that gives measurable benefits to either an individual or a given organization and provides a promise to be fulfilled. Its concern is mostly based on reviewing, then analyzing costs that occurred and the benefits expected or the value they can offer their customers, potential customers, or constituent groups such as the government. Employees too are considered as they are part of the organization (Jobber., 2007 )

IPad has used customer experience as a model of creating a valuable experience for the organization. It has provided its customers with an effective product that meets their needs of the customers. The market is created for value proposition is wide and targets a large group of people. In its model, the product they are offering is for communication purposes. Besides communication, it also offers other benefits to its customers such as access to data and information. (Dybward., 2010.)

IPAD’s Value Proposition

IPad has created value propositions in different ways. The web is quite a great experience when one is using the IPAD. This is because one gets to view pages in full and thus it is easier to read emails because of its well-split screen view and an expansive on-screen keyboard. Viewing photos is much better on iPads because of the IPS display. Secondly, the iPad is ideal when used to watch movies, music videos, TV channels, among others. Youtube has an application that has been specifically designed for iPad, thus it is a great deal of fun and even makes it easier to find videos and it is also enjoyable when viewing. An iPad gives one his or her choice of songs and gives a full view of the album.

The music on the iPad sounds good. The maps help in locating places in the world easily and application stores provide applications such as games. One gets to access applications by pressing the home button and it is also easier to read and manage one’s schedule using the iPad’s calendar. Notes are easier to put down and it enables one to save useful information and retrieve it much easily (Dybward., 2010). There is also the inclusion of more information on the contacts other than the usual names and numbers. While using an iPad, one can multitask, thus performing as many tasks as possible which enhances productivity. An iPad has apple designed templates making it possible to use formatting tools. One can create spreadsheets due to flexible tables and easy numbers.

It is important to note that an iPad can run most of iPod’s applications. Its performance makes it attractive, and better still it has an e-Book reader. However, an iPad has its limitations such as; it does not have a camera, neither does it have a support system for multi-tasking nor flash support (Evans., 2009.)

.Comparing iPads and blackberries, there are several similarities and differences between them. A blackberry smartphone helps a person stay in touch with what matters most to him or her. Just like an iPad, one is able to have access to data and also communication services. In this smartphone, there is a blackberry solution that does support and is a leading platform for emails. However, it can be customized to suit each person’s or a company’s needs. Unlike an iPad, blackberry supports Adobe Flash.

IPad has come up with a work strategy that is considered to be achieved by the creation of a value proposition. This is an internal document used to ensure that all the messages sent to either internal or external organizations are consistent (Jobber., 2007.) IPAD uses this value proposition when marketing or selling the product.

A New Value Proposition That Will Match the Value Criteria of Customers

According to Barnes, et al., 2009. , there are times when an organization uses a value proposition so as to give value to some of its constituents such as customers, employees, competitors, the government, their partners among others. Under this value proposition, it is important to understand the customer value proposition that is used in marketing. An organization gets its product to people through marketing. The customer value proposition is the total number of benefits that a customer is promised to get by a vendor after purchasing (Anderson, et al., 2006.) This proposition is more of a marketing strategy in form of a statement for the business. It shows why a customer should purchase a product and mostly targets potential customers. It aims at convincing customers why a certain product is better than the other and why it has better values compared to other products and this way an organization is able to get more customers. It also gives a company a greater competitive advantage and therefore they are able to get a greater market share. This way the company is able to make very high profits in the short term and they end scooping their initial capital investments quite fast.

One of the ways or criteria in which iPad can reach its customers is by first understanding their needs and then it will be easier for them to promote their product. For example, if their product cannot support you-tube effectively, yet most customers are interested in youtube downloads, then they will aim at improving you tube’s applications. This will ensure that the product is more appealing to the customer and they will be excited when buying it and this will increase sales for the product and eventually increase their sales.

Strong and beneficial value propositions for customers are also created by interacting with customers and getting their perspective of a product. This mostly is done with customers who have already used the product and have experience. One will be able to know what benefits they get and what they would want to be improved. In the case of an iPad, they may for example want its games upgraded. Others will feel they want to have the general appearance of the phone improved. Some other customers will prefer the video application improved so as to make it clearer and easier to use (Barnes, et al., 2009.)

IPad has succeeded in its customer value proposition. This is in relation to its performance as compared to its competitor’s, in this case, blackberry. It has also maintained its performance and the quality and price attached to it have made it a hit in the market. However, the iPad should consider upgrading some of its features such as the video output. This will help in maintaining its value and could eventually justify higher prices, thus IPad must offer value through both quality and price for it to succeed.

IPad’s marketing manager should come up with a specific target audience. This makes it easy for them to modify their product, helping it to come up with an easier strategy for customer satisfaction.

A plan implementing the value proposition externally and internally

Piercy., (2009) noted that an organization is made up of internal and external constituents, like the government, advertisers, and competitors among others. A company applies Customer Value Management so that it can increase its profits. Consumers are no longer passive recipients of a product but are active and helping in the creation of the product.

One of the plans that should be considered in the implementation of the value proposition is the round model whereby the business should be centered with the interest of satisfying customers’ needs. In order to attain this, it is important to work with customers. Apple should consider customer value other than being product-oriented. Apple is an entrepreneurial organization meaning they have to fasten the growth of their product by having customers’ perception so that their product can penetrate the market. Through this, they will maintain their competitive advantage and ensure they maximize their profits in the short term.

Secondly, Apple can consider the use of a Value-based Marketing model. This model prescribed by Piercy shows four ways that match customer loyalty. Apple should recognize the long-term competitive advantage and aim at maintaining customer value and considering what matters most to the customers. It should take advantage of its marketing asset so that it can use the existing customers to attract new customers.

The other factor to iPad’s success is competitive differentiation. Products from Apple are known for their unique design and content that is interactive. A product that is customer-friendly and with a design that is innovative leads to greater customer satisfaction. Filling the gap between iPhone and Macbook has led to the iPad’s success.

Apple should adapt faster, and be consistent in attending to the customers’ needs by having innovative products, business models and solutions to crises. It should know what customers value most for its success. A product should be delightful to consumers or else they will be attracted by the competitor.

For iPad to have an exclusive market position, it should have and complete an internal analysis. This is by iPad coming up with their business value proposition which should among others be better than their competitor’s. In this case, blackberry being the competitor iPad should have a proposition that will help them market, sell and satisfy their customers. IPad’s value proposition should be hard to replicate and valued by their customers (Piercy.,2009).


To develop a value proposition using a resource model, one has to identify the resources that the iPad has and compare this with the strengths of the competitor. The place you find the greatest strengths then becomes your value proposition (Barnes, et al.,2009.). The place of the greatest strength would one that would place you way above your competitors and therefore ensure that you are a leader in the market consistently.

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