Walt Disney Company: Internal Business Process Perspective

The Walt Disney Company Mission, Vision and objectives

The Walt Disney Company’s mission is based on the ever present need to enhance creativity and innovativeness in the industries that it operates. Its mission is stated as ensuring that it remains the leading producer globally of leisurely information and entertainment by making people happy. The company’s vision is aimed at improving innovation and utilization of the latest available technologies to enter into new entertainment markets in the globe (Franz & Smulyan, 2011).

Based on the mission and vision of the company, its core objective is to be the leader globally in the production and provision of both information and entertainment through the utilization of a wide range of entertainment brands. This will be through differentiation of its products, services and media content from those offered by competitors. As regards to shareholders, the company’s financial objective is to maximize its cash flow and earnings while making sure that capital allocation towards growth strategies of the company are boosted, thus increasing the long term value to investors (Ingersoll, 2005).

Objectives for improving the organization’s internal processes

Improving the internal processes of the Walt Disney Company has one of its objectives as improving the technological capacity of the company. By developing and adopting newer and better, the company will be able to effectively deal with increased completion that it’s facing from the other players in the entertainment industry (Franz & Smulyan, 2011).

Another objective of the internal processes of the company is the improvement of the human capital available to the company. The human resources available to a company are one of the essentials for success of the company. This involves an efficient process of talent identification, acquisition and retention. Human resources also need to be managed effectively through proper remuneration packages and global mobility in the company (Franz & Smulyan, 2011).

Increased business efficiency through the use of standards such as the operating equipment efficiency tests and other standards to improve the performance of the company and quality of service to customers is also an internal business process that needs to be dealt with. The result of this will be the improved service delivery to customers and increased efficiency in the production processes of the company (Franz & Smulyan, 2011).

Performance measures and expected level of performance

Effective management of the internal business processes are key to the success of the overall objectives of the company. Through increased efficiency and improved service delivery, the Walt Disney Company will be able to work effectively to achieve the other objectives, financial and otherwise.

The improvement of technological capacity of the operations of the company can be done through a measure of the rate of the performance of the company’s technological information systems. By deviating from the norm and adopting a more unique systems management, the company will actually make strides towards improved utilization of technology. For this objective, the expected level of performance would be an increased rate of efficiency in the delivery of information from the existing information systems(Franz & Smulyan, 2011).

Human capital development can be improved and measured by the number of qualified and experienced individuals hired in a particular period. Another objective measure of the effectiveness of human resource improvement measures would be the increase in the levels of motivation of employees. Similarly, a reduction in the rate of turnover of employees within the company would be indicative of a successful establishment of efficient and effective human resource management (Franz & Smulyan, 2011)..

Technological capacity improvement in production as a measure of the internal business processes would be through a measure of the increase in the production and improvement of customer satisfaction levels. An improvement in the levels of production for the periods that the company and an increase in revenue would indicate that such measure has been a success (Franz & Smulyan, 2011).

Actions or programs that need to be developed

Mechanisms that need to be developed to achieve these objectives should be informed by the specific measures that need to be achieved. A well researched information system should be established to effectively deliver quality decision making processes. A human capital management policy needs to be developed and adopted to ensure that the company continues to reap the benefits of the highly motivated, highly skilled and experienced work force. A program to ensure that the company is always at a level of efficiency in production that is most optimal at any given time needs to be developed. (Greenhalgh, 2004).


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