Who Is the Sleeping Partner at U-Brand?

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After two years, U-Brand was no longer successful. According to the case study, several malpractices at the company have affected its organizational culture. The first individual to sleep at the company was Siddiq. Zainab and Siddiq were not involved in the operations of the company. This mistake emerged when Siddiq’s family failed to document a written Business Agreement. Most of the rules and goals of the company were not recorded anywhere.

This fact explains why Basheer decided to purchase luxury cars without considering the future of the company. Siddiq’s family did not engage in the company’s decision-making processes. Basheer formulated the company’s goals and objectives. Basheer also failed to consider the issues that determined the success of the company. He hired new managers who had little knowledge of the company’s goals and objectives. The original Partnership Agreement (PA) did not offer the required guidelines and regulations. This approach affected U-Brand’s organizational behavior.

This case study, therefore, highlights the major problems associated with the formation and management of the U-Brand. To begin with, the partners did not document the best policies for their company. This fact explains why Basheer made inappropriate decisions without thinking about the company’s organizational culture. It was appropriate for the partners to have a formal agreement. The two partners were supposed to be part of the management team.

This approach would have made it easier for U-Brand to deal with the issues affecting its performance. Basheer had initially embraced effective marketing efforts. He also used powerful advertising campaigns in order to support U-Brand’s goals. Basheer’s original goal was to make U-Brand a global player. However, his decision to split the company into two divisions was erroneous. Basheer removed Sherry from the position of General Media Head. The company collapsed, thus awakening the sleeping partner at U-Brand. Basheer was no longer supporting the company’s organizational culture and behavior. Business partners should therefore consider the most appropriate considerations in order to support their companies.