Why Deutsche Allgemeinversicherung Uses Statistical Process Control

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DAV uses SPC because it is interested in enhancing accuracy rather than knowing exactly what the problem is. The tools they had previously used to survey their customers were inaccurate; however, using SPC would enable the company to give the right tools to the customers which would allow the company to improve the quality of service satisfaction. In summary, it determines the effectiveness of the process instead of the usual number of customers.

Challenges in Using SPC in a Service Environment

The service environment deals with things that can not be touched; hence, it is often difficult to determine what to measure. Additionally, using SPC makes it challenging to know when a mistake should be considered a fault. There are always varied reasons for what to consider wrong and right. At times, SPC requires people in the service industry to measure themselves instead of the manufacturing sector where participants measure products. In this regard, people find it difficult to determine their own selves, thus proving to be a challenge. Lastly, it offers an avenue for the team members to be dishonest by finding ways to please their bosses.

Ways Ms. Kluck Should Use to Resolve the Measurement Challenges and Defect vs. Defective New Policy Set-Up

Ms. Kluck should put clear guidelines for each department to direct the participants on what to do rather than having generalized rules. The defect is a service that does not meet the customers’ expectations but can still be used for whichever process it was intended for. However, defective service is unacceptable and cannot be used for the planned purpose. In this case, the SPC policy was a defect since it was used for the intended purpose, yet it did not meet the DAV’s expectations.

Ms. Kluck’s Actions Towards Making SPC Successful At DAV

Ms. Kluck should get everyone on board to make the SPC successful at DAV. The tool’s implementation is currently experiencing some opposition from the employees since they view it as a tool intended to make them jobless. Therefore, Ms. Kluck should bring them on board to make them aware that the process enhances the services’ quality.