Drum Circles as the Way to Build a Strong Team

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Today, Drum Circle is a group of people who gathers into circles to make a joint drum composition. In ancient times, it was a necessary occasion because people lived in tribes (The Drum Cafe n.p.). Nowadays, this tradition is usually performed to unite a specific group of people. In this case, the drum café company provides a service for companies so that business colleagues may develop their team-building skills.

The main recommendation that may be given to such types of companies is that people should totally believe in this process so that some historical introduction to this process is an important part of personal, responsive behavior when such “ritual” occurs. To be more specific, when individuals are not diving into this process entirely, they consider such activity unimportant, which might negatively affect the result of the service. However, if instructors make the overall introductory lecture about the history, all the process participants are engaged in the ritual. Moreover, when all people are focused on the same goal, they unite with each other, which is the main purpose of the drum service.

To my way of thinking, the drum café is a great alternative to some widespread team-building techniques. In addition, the historical rituals help to unite the group of people due to the instinctive perception processes, which were implemented in people’s behavior during the evolutionary process. Some people may feel uncomfortable for the first time because of the civilization development that made some traditions awkward when applying them to practice. However, while people unite in the drum circle like thousand years ago, they will certainly influence each other with a special rhythm and personal feeling, which may disclose an individual’s character from a completely different facet.


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