Analysis of a Project Management’s Article

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First and foremost, the article by Rowe (2018), entitled “What value-added lessons learned to provide to project management,” was written critically while implementing some other companies’ advertisements. At the very beginning, the author gave an overall image of common people’s attitude to a project manager, their importance, and the quality of work done. The main idea of the first part is to appeal to readers with the notion that project managers are indispensable for any business because they can solve a company’s issues.

Second, the main part of the text consists of the explanation of lessons learned from her experience, which is interestingly applied to the main statements. For instance, while speaking about communication obstacles, she might introduce her experience with such problems in other companies. To be more specific, the author introduced 6 main lessons that enable a person to start working as a project manager.

The most informative content was presented in the first, fifth, and sixth lessons. As was said previously, the first lesson described the main issues of communication in the company, such as third-party suppliers and stakeholder management. The fifth lesson was illustrated from the benefiting perspective. During any project work, it is critical to ask a team what benefits they possess and which of them might be transmitted to the general “lessons journal” for future readings (Rowe, 2018). The sixth lesson was illustrated from the security perspective because the author introduced a solution for the most common issue in the project management practice: hardly-to-stop projects. To be more specific, Rowe (2018) explained in detail the importance of documentation during the working process and warned readers about the danger of unrealistic goals.

Finally, the author provides readers with a relatively compressed but informative analysis that describes the main project management’s issues during the working process with unknown other company’s team. When working with a team, the manager should start a lessons journal to write any company’s issues and possibilities to resolve them directly. However, it is also important to engage people in optimistic work and know where and when to stop a downgrading project.


Rowe, C. (2018). What value does lessons learned give to project management? Axelos. Web.