Bureaucracy Growth Factors and Effects

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Generally, in the case of large organizations, the combined organizational structural processes and a set of regulations help to control the activities mainly in large organizations and political structures. A bureaucratic organization is controlled by different factors like law, policymaking, and subsequent regulations. Leadership is the most important aspect of the bureaucratic government.

The four very important parts of bureaucracy are as follows:

  1. In the aspect of bureaucracy, there has to be a well-defined division of administrative labor among the persons who are residing under the bureaucracy. More than that, it must contain different offices that will directly be involved in the administration of the processes.
  2. Every successful bureaucratic system must have a system that can be easily termed as a personal system. In this case, it has consistent patterns of recruitment along with some aspects of stable and linear careers along it.
  3. Status and authorities are two different qualities, and both of these qualities are distributed among different people. The distinctive hierarchies among the administrators are a very prominent feature in the case of bureaucracy.
  4. In a bureaucratic environment, different formal and informal networks exist, and these networks connect all the organizational actors with one another through all the aspects of information that come together with different patterns of cooperative modes.


In the first impression, the idea of bureaucracy can be viewed as a phenomenon, but in this case, it still has its own share of difficulties. We can point out a change in the aspect of bureaucracy when a new class emerged to dominate all the other classes. It is said to be destined to displace the bourgeoisie throughout the world. Along with the social transformation, modern society changed to the monopolizing of huge industrial corporations. We can say that bureaucracy is the approach to form a homogenous social culture, which is still a very distant dream.