Pizzability Company’s Profit Increasing Strategies

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If I needed to fix the company’s revenue, I would take measures aimed at different areas of the business. First of all, it is necessary to use media and the temporary popularity of Pizzability in a beneficial way. I would create a post urging people not only to take selfies but also to buy a pizza. It has to be a message that pays attention to the fact that selfies do not help pizzeria workers earn money for a living and that the mark on Instagram does not pay rent. This text should encourage people to think about the necessity to be useful to others but not just to seem like that. While the cafe is popular, this post would quickly spread on the Internet and make customers think not only about their desires but also the contribution and work of others. Therefore, at least part of people will spend $2 for pizza and bring revenue to the business.

It would also be appropriate to hire a hostess or put someone from the staff at the entrance to the cafe. This employee would invite guests not only to take a photo but also to order pizza. Most people find it uncomfortable to refuse when they are asked for something with a smile and sincerity, so the percentage of real customers would increase. This technique does not always work for restaurants with typical cuisine and atmosphere; however, Pizzability should be aware of its peculiarity that employees with special needs give to it and use them. If people come to take selfies because they consider the place as something special, then their interest should be used to demonstrate the benefits of Pizzability in a positive way and eliminate stigma.

Pizzability can also find organizations that conduct charity events and offer a cafe as a venue for them, which would attract an audience who buys meals and drinks. It can be an event related to any social problems, regular celebrations, or just concerts and quizzes. This decision help to increase the social responsibility of visitors in case of socially relevant events, or grow the demand for products and bring benefit to the restaurant in other cases. People who want to see the performance or donate money would buy food and drinks during events in a cafe, which gives revenue. Then, if visitors like food, they come back with friends who become new customers.

In difficult times, the owner can also reduce the cost of products for cooking; for example, find a cheaper supplier that would help to make at least a partial profit. Reduced production costs, but a slight increase in prices will help maintain revenue even if the number of customers decreases over time. However, it is essential to maintain food quality and relatively low cost to keep the loyalty of regular customers. The new presentation of meals could also contribute to sales; for instance, one or several employees could decorate pizza according to their imagination, which would make it cuter and more unique for the customer. An unusual, perhaps a little childish presentation, can be another feature of Pizzability that causes admiration and tenderness of visitors. Thus, the excellent taste of food, exceptional staff from customers, and low prices can help to keep the company’s profit.