How Highly Personalized Experiences Are Offered to Customers

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Pay global attention: this involves the blending of cultures, personal preferences, being multilingual, and acting as global market players. The hospitality industry can achieve this strategy by blending a multitude of cultures in their organization and applying global concepts in their business.

Uncovering the unexpected: this involves exceeding the expectations of a customer through the differentiation of products and services offered in the hospitality industry, thus giving them an experience that would warrant their coming back.

Investing in your guests: this entails giving guests customized services, attention, and personalized communication to make them belong to an establishment. The creation of real-time interaction such as website chat rooms could come in handy.

Becoming agile: integrating your business: this involves the standardization of the brands of assets and the range of businesses into one business system that renders fast service delivery and flexibility. Hospitality industries could achieve this through the creation of integrated strong brands and the use of ICT.

Rethinking revenues: this is the assessment of the paradigm shift from the traditional revenue management system based on shareholder value to the modern management concept of return on investments. As such, the value of shareholders is not the priority here, but the price is tied to a customer’s experience.

Polishing of guest experience managers: involves improved employee professionalism for better service delivery. This can be achieved by investing in employee training and development in hospitality industry management.

Extending the experience: beyond the one encounter, a customer has at, for example, the reception or departure lounge. The use of virtual museum tours or a gaming website would help customer relive their experience.