Urbanization: Term Definition

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Urbanization can be defined as the increase in the size of population in cities and suburb of cities as a result of people migration into the urban centers. The economic forces can be explained to be the reason as to why cities came about to be ideal places for establishment of factories and location for workers. Industrialization therefore brought urbanization in that it stimulated the growth of the cities. Industrialization caused establishment of factories Palmer (1981).

The creation of more factories made it possible the establishments of modern cities as the multitude of people were forced to migrate into the cities to look for employment in the factories. Industrialization was such that the factory owners could be able to hire workers in a labor market that existed in the cities and engage them in specialized tasks. To emphasize this as industrialization spread to European countries so was urbanization. The industrial revolution transformed the urban order in the rural country side.

The early factories began in rural villages and towns but not in the established major urban centers of Europe. As industrialization got advanced it became correlated with urbanization. The expansion of the manufacturing sector was therefore not only factor behind the rise of new industrial cities but contributed greatly to the growth of the traditional urban centers in Europe. Hence with gradual development of economic front from agriculture to manufacturing, resulted to the Europe cities grow in numbers and population Henderson.