How Netflix Reinvented Human Resource Management

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It is known that Netflix, which is a world-leading streaming service, implemented the unique approach to human resource management (HR). It is vital to discuss the innovative techniques and attitudes established, as they are claimed to be a reinvention of the generally accepted practices to hire employees. This paper will research the ways Netflix changed HR and discuss the usefulness of the approaches from a perspective of the efficiency of recruiting process.

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The Ways Netflix Reinvented HR

It is possible to outline several ways through which Netflix redesigned the existing HR approaches. Firstly, the outdated point of view that employees should work together as “family” was replaced with another comparison. It was claimed that workers should be an efficient and professional sports team, where all of the “players” know their “roles” (Jessica, 2020). And it is a good point, as a family is associated with comfort as relaxation when sports team creates an atmosphere of concentration. Secondly, Netflix allows its employees to take as much responsibility as they can handle if they thrive for it (Jessica, 2020). It is also a perfect approach as it ensures that workers have some freedom and are enabled to grow as specialists. Finally, the absence of strict supervision ensures that the minimum amount of time is spent on constant checking (Jessica, 2020). This attitude is complimented with a tendency within the company to hire the most outstanding workers.


Netflix is a company that reinvented HR through the utilization of innovative approaches, such as replacing points of view towards the working atmosphere and allowing workers to have more freedom. It also makes supervision less time-consuming and effort-consuming, and less necessary with respect to workers’ abilities. It is possible to conclude that other companies on the market shall consider changing their human resources management to become as effective as Netflix does.


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