Marriott Corporation’s Luxury Brand Dining Options

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The luxury level of goods and services is designed to promote great pleasure and comfort that are difficult to obtain. In addition to functionality, they bring respect to their owner and determine the status of the consumers. Services of this level have a high price, often can be discreet, but very solid. Marriott Corporation has founded a number of brands for the provision of hotel services, including also brands of the luxury level. They aim to meet the status requirements, including in the choice of dining, and by this, their restaurants strive for quality and comfort, excluding excessive fashionable creativity.

Casitas, Cancun, The Ritz-Carlton Brand

This restaurant is represented by The Ritz-Carlton brand and is located in Cancún, Mexico. It supports the concept of alfresco, offering cabanas near the ocean (“Casitas,” n.d.). At the same time, it is possible to order private tables for some special occasions. This establishment stands out because it creates a cozy and calm atmosphere for its visitors, thanks to ocean water’s noise under an open sky. The advantage of the establishment is also that fresh air and flavors from the kitchen enhance visitors’ appetite, contribute to the taste of the dishes, and cause the desire to order more.

Whisper Creek Farm: The Kitchen, Orlando, Grande Lakes, JW Marriott Brand

Whisper Creek Farm: The Kitchen is a restaurant in Orlando at the JW Marriott brand’s hotel. The establishment emphasizes natural comfort foods, providing products from a farm nearby to the kitchen (“Whisper Creek Farm: The Kitchen,” n.d.). This concept supports the Farm-to-table movement, which promotes safe and fresh products. Such a dining option is interesting as it corresponds to the modern trend of the desire to use only natural products in the preparation of dishes. Thus, the restaurant will be able to attract customers who are interested in their health, or who want to support small farms.

Wet Deck, W Amman, W Hotels Worldwide Brand

This establishment in Jordan is designed to provide more comfortable recreation than restaurant services. However, luxurious outdoor relaxation and swimming in the pool can arouse the appetite of visitors, so here one can taste cocktails, dishes from the grill (“Wet Deck,” n.d.). The establishment is of interest in that it emphasizes relaxation and leisure, offers a beautiful look and various entertainment. It is also noteworthy that visitors can relax and dine here from breakfast to midnight.

Chalana Restaurant, Hotel Paracas, The Luxury Collection Brand

This restaurant is located in Peru and is represented by The Luxury Collection Brand. It is unusual because it is a kind of modification of the concept of comfort foods and the Farm-to-table movement – this is the concept of Km 0 (“Chalana Restaurant,” n.d.). Dishes are prepared from natural products provided by local fishermen and farmers. Moreover, the establishment positions itself as the only one of its kind in this city. An additional advantage is also the appearance of the restaurant and the created atmosphere. It is located on the pier, and visitors enjoy their food in the open air with beautiful ocean views.


Luxury restaurants are establishments with chic interiors and authors’ cuisine from world-famous chefs. A luxury restaurant means not only expensive food and the highest level of service but also the aura of choice, the history of the institution. Marriott Corporation strives to adhere to these principles and remains at a high level in providing not only hotel services, but also restaurants. Their establishments aim to meet the highest requirements of customers – high-quality, healthy food, better service, and a comfortable atmosphere.


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