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Air France’s case portrays critical decision-making concerns that may demand a comprehensive understanding of the business strategies. I believe Griffin’s company must provide recommendations that will enhance long-term profit maximization in this industry. Thus, the team needs to endorse a tailored search engine system instead of a uniform design because it will maximize return on investment. Consequently, Air France will have the opportunity to continuously expand its operation because the paid placements will attract more traffic. Each publisher tends to have varying rates, probabilities of booking as well as revenues. Therefore, a customized platform will elevate the collection approaches and enable the firm to pool together all the marginal expenses to the profit.

Google and Yahoo can be utilized as the SEO marketers to help Air France maximize on reaching consumers from across the globe. Likewise, several other platforms exist to aid in propelling customized advert contents and enable balanced achievement of the institution’s ambitions. Tabulating the results from these search engines can help the units to track the effectiveness of the strategy applied. Counter-monitoring and evaluation are critical at all steps in structuring the future of this enterprise.

On the issues of overall value gain, future campaigns can be improved by using the existing strategies to reach the target market. Focusing on sponsored or pay-per-click (CPC) search design will enable the firms to maintain relevance and attract more traffic (Nyagadza, 2020). In return, Air France will have accurate data on a timely basis. With the surge in technology and internet usage across the globe, there is a need to conform to the routine changes that occur within the search engines. Technically, the use of market-friendly approaches and the influence of financial attachments will promote profit margins.

The other mechanisms may include adjustment and bargains in bid for ads and intensive use of keywords in the procedures. Several companies have employed key note concepts to create attractive adverts and brand their product for customer loyalty. Essentially, the management should focus in creating campaign alternatives that have lower CPC and higher ROI to enable sustainability in all operations. Likewise, while undertaking all other procedures, it is necessary to improve sales copy.

On the optimization of records, multiple variables need to be considered to understand the value of investment and return on asset (ROA). The fee attached to each entity in each promotion should trickle down to the value of services and asset management. Such considerations are pivotal in arriving at long-term decisions that aim at continued improvement while avoiding wastages. There is a fundamental need to concentrate of key performance indices, including reducing costs, maximization of income and increasing productivity in every stage.

Although there are several other underlying concerns, such as the authenticity of the participants alongside cyber security, strategic management is necessary. The existing data will help understand the trends in performance, enabling this company to make the right decision at every stage. Ideally, any shift in the figures has to result in a substantive change in any investment outcome. Thus, there is a need to evaluate the changes in performance indicators and industrial positions to ensure that both long and short-term goals are achievable and technical realities align with the company’s core values. Essentially, each department must keep checking the benefits and challenges of the resultant situation as established in the campaign.


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