Healthy Snacks Company: Business Proposal

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The concerns of the present-day population of the United States regarding their health are critical for market offers that correlate with them. From this perspective, the emerging needs can be addressed by developing a healthy snacks business project. The proposed company, Sweet n’ Healthy, is an excellent solution to the problem, and its creation seems to be a profitable initiative from the point of view of citizens’ attention to their wellbeing.

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This business will operate online, and its foundation will start with a website where customers can place orders. This decision is conditional upon the fact that most individuals do not have much time to go out of the office during work hours, and technological advances should be used to meet the demand. Therefore, the only available information will be the website’s address and phone number, and the latter will be used primarily for communicating with partners:; 333-456-789, and the logo is:

Healthy Snacks Company: Business Proposal

The company will be involved in distribution services, and the main operations will be finding manufacturers of healthy snacks and selling their products online. The business will be local and serve only the community, and there will be one manager coordinating the work of five employees, whose tasks are processing orders and controlling the delivery process. He will also be responsible for finding new partners, and, consequently, it will be possible to hire an assistant. The decision to create the described business is suggested due to the evidence provided by the existing organizations in this market segment (Erickson, 2019). Thus, it will be profitable since it corresponds to the customer needs to be described above, and the mode of operation ensures a high degree of flexibility.


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