Buyer Behavior: Communicating Benefits of the Product

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The buyer behaviour topic which can be used to communicate the benefits to a potential end-use of the product would be with the help of reference groups. As we know, a reference group is based on groups that have an effect on an individual’s attitude or behaviour directly or indirectly. Consumers are significantly influenced by their reference groups in at least three different ways. The individuals are actually exposed to new lifestyles and behaviour with the help of reference groups. With the help of the reference group’s individual’s attitudes and self – the concept is also heavily influenced. And this creates pressure for the individual based on conformity which may or may not affect their product and brand choices.

Marketers try to identify their target consumer’s reference groups so that with the help of these groups, they are able to communicate to their targeted audience in the market. But it must be remembered that the level of reference group influence is very much different among different brands and products. Reference groups appear to strongly influence both the product and the brand choice, mostly in the cases of buying a television or an automobile.

Manufacturers of the products and brands where group influence is very strong must always make sure that how they are going to reach and influence the opinion leaders in the reference groups because, in the end, the decision always lies with the leader. An opinion leader can be defined as an individual in informal product-related communication who basically provides specific information or advice on products or even product category. Marketers make sure that they try to reach the opinion leaders, and they can do that by identifying demographic and psychographic characteristics which are always linked with an opinion leader.