UMS Company’s Maximisation Objective

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The objective of UMS Company is to accelerate significant and profitable growth by providing comfort to other people. This objective statement can be deduced to focus on growth maximization. It portrays the marketing intentions of UMS Company on its brand name to win the trust of many consumers in India and abroad. The growth maximization objective is aimed at marketing the products or services of a company to attract a large number of active customers where the company is able to register a significant capital increase by elevating the revenue proceedings. UMS seeks to establish a marketing strategy that competes favorably with other companies producing similar products in India. This analogy is in line with the general principles for a company wishing to maximize its growth.

There are several measures that UMS Company has considered in order to have a higher market share in India. First, the varieties of products made by the company are affordable and readily available in over fifty states in India and abroad. The disbursement and market pricing strategy aims at attracting many consumers to the company’s network, which increases the revenues meant to sustain and expand the business.

Through its aims, the company targets to reach many future consumers by focusing on the growth of core brands in different geographical regions. In this quest, UMS strategy depicts a focus of increasing total sales by integrating small and medium consumer sales. However, this focus is only viable if the total costs of running the company are lower than the total revenue obtained from sales. Therefore, marginal revenue and marginal cost should be equal if a company is wishing to register maximum profits and growth. UMS is envisioned undoubtedly to maximize its sales by increasing the market niche and pulling the competitors’ customers to their side through offering quality products at reduced prices.

Another measure that UMS has established in the step towards attaining the company’s growth is the branding of health, as well as the packaging of foods and beverages. The branding of products enables many consumers to have a sense of quality about the products, which helps to create loyal customers. Consequently, branding is a heritage for most companies in spreading their horizons to broader market regions. UMS’s branding of over 300 products portrays the innovativeness of the company to capture more customers into its consumer network. Some of the company’s products outshine other similar products produced by competitive companies recording an increased number of potential customers. In this way, the company’s growth is directly proportional to the type of organizational and marketing strategy adopted. UMS Company growth can be termed as the core of the business for having opened over 50 marketing stations across the world.

Over the past 20 years, UMS’s growth can be attributed to its strategy of targeting middle and low-income earners in the world of business. This category of consumers constitutes the highest population in the entire world. Therefore, the units consumed per individual at the reduced prices are high which translates to higher total sales and consequently, growth in terms of capital and investment realized. Under the leadership of Vivek Burman, UMS has recorded remarkable achievements in the few years of its existence. An increase in the variety of products, the opening of production and distribution plants in over 50 countries, and change from a proprietorship to a joint-stock are some of the achievements registered by this company. In this regard, the growth of the company’s sales including the listing of its shares has been on the positive increase trend.